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Saving Money Feels Better Than Spending Money To Me

| January 18, 2012 | 6 Comments

People spend money because it feels good, right? I think that’s why I used to buy all kinds of “things”. It felt good to drive around in the car I had in college with its professionally tinted windows, 17 inch chrome wheels, expensive stereo system and remote starter. From the time I started making my own money mowing lawns in my neighborhood at 12 or 13 until a couple years ago, I spent everything I made on “cool” things that made me feel good. I took pride in my stuff.

What I learned after years of this was that it didn’t feel very good to see your nice things get old and worn out and eventually become worthless. My nice car eventually crapped out on me in the middle of California and I pretty much gave it away. All of my awesome toys, eventually became worthless. The fun was gone, no one was impressed anymore. And today, what do I have to show for those things I worked so hard for? Nothing.

You know, I think saving money feels just as good as spending money. I think it took me a while to feel this way about saving because the first few months were really hard. But today, seeing my bank account balance go up every single month is an awesome feeling. I’m spending money on myself in a not-so-normal way. I’m investing in my future. I’m giving myself options. I’m buying years of lowered anxiety and peace of mind.

When I hear people say, “If I had the money, I would buy the new such and such,” I mentally roll my eyes. The mindset of always waiting to buy the next cool new car or furniture or TV or vacation when you “have the money” will cause you to continue to be broke until you change your lifestyle. That could be years, decades or even an entire lifetime. Ouch, I feel sorry for those people.

Take it from me, when you save money, it feels as good as spending money. I’m not talking about saving $25 a month either. I’m talking about 20, 30, 40 or even 50% of your income. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right. It’s like working out, it makes you feel better by releasing endorphins. I think saving money does the same thing. I wonder if any research has been done on that….

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  1. Aneessa says:

    So at what point will you spend your money? If you keep saving and keep saving, at what point are you okay with spending your savings?

    • I’m setting up goals for when I’m 30 and 31 years old or so. Until then, my goal is to only spend on things that I either really need or that are really important to me. If a house is the horizon at that point in the future, I may look into buying one. If it isn’t, I’ll have to figure out what my goal is at that point. For now, I want to leave my options open for spending/investing/using that money in the future on things that are important to me. I hope that makes some sense.

  2. I enjoy saving money too, but I like to spend my money on things that matter to me.

    Not necessarily materialistic things, more like traveling. 🙂

    I call it conscious spending.

    • I agree with you that it’s okay to spend on things that matter to you. I hope to take a personal trip in 2012. I’ve went two years without a vacation because of the hefty price tags that came attached to my last two trips. I guess that’s what happens when you vacation while your broke. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  3. It may be that saving feels good, but I know that for some people, spending actually feels awful. People who are temperamentally cheap can have the same sort of brain reaction to buying something that they would to actual physical pain. I’ve always wondered how some people can blithely buy things that make me feel like I’ve blown a bundle. Of course, the upside of that is I’ve never had trouble saving!

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I bet there are people who feel pain when spending. I can certainly see how that’s possible. I think I even do sometimes. Haha.


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